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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New website

I got a new website!  I wasn't completely intending to…   I somehow accidentally annihilated my other site, so naturally I deleted everything off of it and tried to start over.  Bad news bears.  I couldn't tell left from right with Wordpress' new update.  I was so lost and I only seemed to make matters worse.

So, last night, when I should have just went to bed because it was already way too late, I stayed up and created an entirely new website from  Seriously, if you need a simple site that's easy to understand…go with them.  Everything is clearly marked, no need to know website jargon jibberish.  There are a million different page layouts.  I decided to keep this fairly simple.  Simple for me is good when it comes to anything on the computer. I try to even accomplish an "intermediate" level and it's a disaster.  Thankfully my pastor, who is also a techie guru, is going to sync my web address to this new site so I can still keep it on my business cards!!

But anywho, about the new site.  It still has all of my information, my "contact me" page, AND it has all of the images in gallery format so all you have to do is click the "next" arrow!!  I have tried for nearly a year with my old site to get it to do that and it was failure after failure.  Did I also mention that I hacked the "twitter" button to come to the blog???  I don't have a twitter for my photography page…but I decided to still use the button!  And there's a button to link to my facebook photography page.  This site has everything I need :)

Ok, here it is…check it out blogger world  My new site!  <---linked to those words right there.

Be sure to come back and tell me what you think please!

Much love,


  1. I’m glad that you have a website where you can showcase your talent and at the same time, market your skills. I really love looking at your portfolio. Also, you did a great job on compelling your works in a single page; I didn’t have to scroll for so long to see what I want to see.

    - Lesli Dyson

    1. Thank you, Lesli!! It's still a work in progress, even after so many months, but I am definitely proud of it!!